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Studio Legale Internazionale
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Gianni & Origoni

In Gianni & Origoni, banks and finance companies, start-ups and Italian and foreign institutions in the FinTech sector find a competent, reliable and willing legal and tax advisor with the ability to offer a legal service of acknowledged quality.

New FinTech enterprises, in the same way as traditional banking and financial institutions that intend to develop their business model by means of innovative technological solutions, are an important new component of the financial industry, following in the wake of the more general and unstoppable process that is creating the digital economy.

Innovations in the FinTech area include financial services and IT technologies; they have a part in all banking and financial intermediation sectors from lending (crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending) to payment services (instant payment) and from virtual currencies to consulting services (robo-advisors), in addition to decentralised transaction validation technologies (blockchain or DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology), biometric identification (digital imprint, retina scanning or facial recognition) andsupporting the delivery of services (cloud computing and big data).

Looking ahead and bearing in mind the guidelines already issued and the positions already taken by the various Italian and European Regulatory Authorities for the sector,FinTech issues range over a wide field of competences not only in the area of banking and financial regulations, but also in those of information technology, intellectual property and privacy.

Our Law Firm has a dedicated, integrated, multidisciplinary and highly skilled working group made up of professionals with considerable experience that is well able to support enterprises in structuring legal solutions for the launching of new business projects in the FinTech sphere and in innovating products and processes; our group can also assist in putting safeguards in place that ensure compliance with constantly evolving regulatory provisionsand in all corporate, tax, information technology and data protection legal issues.