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Home Practice Areas Data Protection

Data Protection

Gianni & Origoni

Our Data Protection team boasts over ten-years of experience in the area of data protection, as a specialized team was set up since the entering into force of the first data protection law, in 1996.

We have developed a strong expertise in all aspects of data protection in relation to a wide range of issues, including corporate, M&A, labour, IP, litigation, banking and telecommunication. Drawing upon our global experience, we are able to handle data protection issues in multiple jurisdictions (marketing activities, intra-group policies).

Working in multi-disciplinary teams with lawyers from our specialist groups, we offer a full range of services, including:
- drafting specific data protection and privacy agreements;
- holding data protection training courses;
- structuring “ad hoc” data protection systems;
- providing assistance in investigations carried out by foreign authorities.

Our clients include banks, insurance and financial companies, telecommunications and internet companies, pharmaceutical companies, public utilities and real estate corporations, services entities, large retail companies.

We work on a regular basis with international and local law firms to provide assistance to their clients in relation to Italian data protection issues.


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