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Home News GOP runners get on track in the Milano Relay Marathon

GOP runners get on track in the Milano Relay Marathon

April 08, 2024


Rome, April 8, 2024 – A new relay race for our Gianni & Origoni runners! On Sunday April 7, we participated in the Milano Relay Marathon and were once again on track to renew our commitment to the Associazione Mercurio.

GOP organised three teams of four participants, each one running a leg between 6,5 and 13 km of the total 42,195 kilometres route of the marathon.

Passion and fun were the key elements of this special day dedicated to charity and sport.

The Milano Relay Marathon is an annual, non-competitive charity event, that allows all participants to join and partner with a non-profit organisation, helping to raise funds to be allocated to the solidarity projects of the over 100 participating associations.

Our firm runs this race every year as part of its GOP Cares programme and we support the Associazione Mercurio, which promotes inclusion projects to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As last year, we helped raise funds for the La Palestra delle Emozioni project which started in February 2023 and is dedicated to secondary school students.

Thanks to our runners. See you on track next year!