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Home 新闻 Gianni & Origoni presents #UGUALEPERTUTTE

Gianni & Origoni presents #UGUALEPERTUTTE

May 15, 2024

Rome, May 15, 2024 - International law firm Gianni & Origoni renews its commitment in the fight against gender violence and presents #UGUALEPERTUTTE, a project based on long-term initiatives. The aim is to counter the phenomenon of violence against women in all its forms with concrete actions as well as provide real and tangible support by identifying preventive tools and remedies.

Through the #UGUALEPERTUTTE initiative, in collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Urban Vision, the firm will provide its professional expertise with the aim of spreading awareness, education and information on the issue of gender-based violence, across-cutting social issue that plagues our society.
#UGUALEPERTUTES fits into GOP Cares, the firm's sustainable development program inspired by ESG principles, and the diversity policies pursued by GOP.
The project will be presented today, Wednesday, May 15, at the firm’s headquarters in Rome during a panel discussion introduced by Antonio Auricchio and Gabriella Covino, respectively GOP's Co-Managing Partner and Partner as well as promoters of the initiative.
The roundtable discussion will be attended by advocates in the fight against gender-based violence: Elisabetta Camussi, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Bicocca University of Milan; the Honourable Congresswoman Mara Carfagna; Prefect Vittorio Rizzi, Deputy Chief with vicarious functions of the State Police; Linda Laura Sabbadini, a former Director of ISTAT; and the Honourable Congresswoman Martina Semenzato, Chairwoman of the Bicameral Commission of Inquiry on Femicide and all forms of gender-based violence. The panel will start by discussing what tools are available to fight gender-based violence and will focus on the preventive measures to protect women's safety and freedom, on gender stereotypes and prejudice as well as on equal opportunities and tools to combat economic violence. The panel discussion will be moderated by Elisa Anzaldo, deputy editor of news channel TG1. 
Gabriella Covino, Partner of Gianni & Origoni and one of the promoters of the initiative, commented: “Gender-based violence is not an issue that affects only certain sections of our society, but all of us. For this reason, we thought we would make our capabilities available, with the goal of creating a multidisciplinary network that would help prepare the necessary tools to combat this sad phenomenon. It will take time, no doubt, but we believe that we need to work together to create a virtuous circle.”
The initiatives of #UGUALEPERTUTTE will move in three directions: information, training and counseling.
GOP will organize, for the upcoming academic year, a series of training courses in high schools and universities with the aim of exploring the many aspects regarding violence against women and raising students' awareness on the importance of gender equality as a constitutional guarantee in our legal system. These courses will offer the opportunity to teach young adults to recognise “sentinel" behaviours before they turn into abuses or crimes, and to learn more about protection systems and how to seek help and report them. In addition, students will be actively involved in drafting a shared Manifesto to help create a culture of respect.
The firm also intends to carry out pro bono training activities with the involvement of banking institutions and businesses, offering legal support to anti-violence centers in the area as well as training and education activities for those operators active in preventing, protecting and fighting economic violence. Activities will focus on combating this form of violence with a focus on the tools offered by current legislation and new regulatory proposals.