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Studio Legale Internazionale
Home Recruiting


Gianni & Origoni

We are aware that our success rests on the skills and commitment of our team. This is why we want to attract the best people and nurture their talent.

We welcome applications at any time.

We recruit on merit and we look for people who share our values and demonstrate dedication, teamwork, adaptability.



Gianni & Origoni is not just a workplace for our professionals, but is above all a dynamic and challenging environment in which to grow and realise your potential.

We enable our people to attain an excellent standard of training and professionalism. Our training program includes:

Ongoing training, based on:
- immediate and active involvement in transactions under the supervision of more experienced lawyers;
- the development of communication skills through relationships with our clients, counterparties and colleagues.

Internships: an opportunity to gain professional experience at any of our offices, at other law firms, or in the legal department of some of our clients.

Seminars and Retreats: meetings and internal seminars organised by our firm in Italy and abroad. All lawyers, including trainees, are invited to join our internal Continuing Legal Education Programme.

Advanced legal research tools: not only a well-furnished library including treaties, journals, Italian and foreign legal press, but also the most modern IT research systems, all accessible from each lawyer's personal computer.

Job Opportunities

If you believe you could be the right candidate for us at Gianni & Origoni, send a covering letter with your CV, together with a certificate of exams passed during your degree programme including relevant marks, final degree mark and date to:

Rome/Bologna/Turin/Abu Dhabi/Brussels/Hong Kong/London/New York:



Sending your CV
Personal data contained in the CV will be collected and processed in accordance with the
privacy policy, which the user must read before sending his/her personal data.


Have you worked for Gianni & Origoni? This section is dedicated to you.

Our Alumni network will help us keep in touch with former colleagues from Gianni & Origoni.

As a member of our network you will be kept informed of all our major events,  and can participate in our seminars and benefit from the network.

If you want to register, please send an e-mail to:

Do join us!


Registration in the Alumni Gop
The user is invited - as indicated in the
privacy policy, which must be reviewed before sending the registration request - to include a telephone number in the e-mail message so that we can contact you to complete the registration procedure. Data provided in the e-mail for registration the Alumni Gop, shall be processed for the purposes and in the manner indicated in the privacy policy.