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In the Press

Gianni & Origoni
May 19, 2022 - Law Firm
"From Vodafone to Nintendo with oil money Arab shopping restarts"
GOP ABU DHABI - Pietro Vitale and Marco Mennella highlight how Italy has returned to play a central role in Europe, winning the title of preferred destination for the Arab market, including in the healthcare and agribusiness sectors
La Repubblica
May 19, 2022

"Cybersecurity: ongoing hacker attack on Italy. Postal police working to act as a shield"
TG1 - Our Cybersecurity Partner Stefano Mele, interviewed by news channel TG1, comments on the cyber attack launched by pro-Russian hacker collectives against Italian sites
April 07, 2022

"Security, strategic sectors and broadband: how data protection is changing"
Il Sole 24 Ore - Our Cybersecurity Partner Stefano Mele, comments on the legislative scope of the recent "Ukrainian Decree-Law" that imposed heavy obligations on companies active in the telecommunications sector based on 5G technology
Il Sole 24 Ore
March 31, 2022

"The other war. Russia-Ukraine conflict: a cyber war"
TV7 - Our Cybersecurity Partner Stefano Mele, covers again the topic of Russia-Ukraine conflict and interviewed by news channel TV7, comments on the cyber-sabotage carried out by Anonymous
March 02, 2022

"War in Ukraine. Cyber-attacks launched on Russian infrastructure"
The war between Russia and Ukraine is also fought on another front, a digital one, in which software are weapons and actions take the form of cyber-attacks and cyber-sabotage of various kinds
Sky TG 24
February 05, 2022

"Trust made in Switzerland"
Milano Finanza - Our Counsel Valentina Ottani Sconza, expert in Private Wealth, comments on the new regulations on wealth and trust "made in Switzerland": a revolution that will also affect Italy
Milano Finanza
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