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Home News Gianni & Origoni among the most awarded firms at the 2023 TopLegal Industry Awards

Gianni & Origoni among the most awarded firms at the 2023 TopLegal Industry Awards

March 30, 2023

Milan, March 30, 2023 - International law firm Gianni & Origoni was a multi-award winner an the "2023 TopLegal Industry Awards," the event launched in 2016 to recognize the cross-disciplinary and integrated excellence of firms and their professionals.

Gianni & Origoni was among the most awarded firms distinguishing itself in four categories: Insurance, Media, Fashion and Technology.

Here are the motivations of the jury:

Professional of the Year, Media- Luca Rinaldi
He was the director of a strategically important deal for a leading media group. Thanks to the agreement with a U.S. conglomerate, the group's platform will be able to have a wide variety of content without resorting to its acquisition through licensing.

Professional of the Year, Technology - Stefano Mele
His assistance, unprecedented in Italy, has been instrumental in developing intelligence operations in cyberspace. He identified national, European and international regulatory prerequisites for legitimizing possible military operations in virtual space.

Firm of the Year: Insurance
At the center of a complex transaction, the firm helped strengthen the leading Swiss insurance company in Italy. It oversaw the creation of the group's banking division and the acquisition of the financial advisory arm from a major German bank.

Firm of the Year: Fashion and Luxury
The firm architected the restructuring of the corporate structure of a leading cashmere company. The complex operation allowed the company to be relaunched by resolving the control of the group with the entry of a well-known manufacturer of high-end knitwear into the capital.