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Studio Legale Internazionale - international law firm
Home Practice Areas Labour Law

Labour Law

Gianni & Origoni

We have developed over the years one of the largest and most reputable labour and employment departments in Italy. We pride ourselves of the strength of our 20-year experience in all areas of labour law.

Our team of experienced specialists work with clients from a wide range of sectors to address all labour, social security law, and industrial relations issues. We also have hands-on experience as litigators, having been involved in complex and challenging Court cases.

Since our clients include a number of global businesses, we have developed a multi-cultural approach. We rapidly understand what clients really need and provide sound and timely advice, also in cross-border contexts.

Clients seek our advice on matters such as the following:
- restructurings and reorganizations;
- individual and collective employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions;
- industrial relations;
- employment contracts;
- top managers and directors arrangements;
- benefits and incentive plans;
- litigation;
- commercial agents;
- privacy;
- training and development.



News and Events
April 10, 2024

"lBA Annual Employment and Diversity Law Conference"
GOP MILAN - On the occasion of the lBA Annual Employment and Diversity Law Conference, we organised a buffet lunch to bring together a specially selected group of friends from leading international law firms.
June 30, 2023 - Law Firm
"Gianni & Origoni joins Open-es alliance "
ESG - The first legal entity to join this initiative, GOP will collaborate as a Legal&Scientific Partner of Open-es
Media Affairs
September 20, 2021

"Multinational companies, Orlando calls Castano"
Economia/Corriere della Sera - Italian labour minister, Andrea Orlando, calls Giampietro Castano to deal with relocation issues
Corriere della Sera
July 15, 2021

"The post-Covid Legal Innovation, between gaps and new players"
Alessandra Ferroni comments on the 2021 edition of "Future Ready Lawyer". The survey conducted by Wolters Kluwer captures the legal sector in an exceptional year and puts the spotlight on the role of digital innovation
March 16, 2023

Legal Update - Labour Law
August 03, 2022

"Legislative Decree 104/2022 implementing directive (EU) 2019/1152 on transparent and predictable working conditions: the Transparency Decree"
Legal Update - Labour
January 13, 2022

"Shutdown of business activities - The new Trade-Union procedure pursuant to article 1, paragraphs 224-238, law no. 234/2021"
Legal Update - Labour Law