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Studio Legale Internazionale - international law firm
Home Practice Areas Insolvency and Reorganisations Corporate Restructuring

Corporate Restructuring

Gianni & Origoni

We assist banks, investment funds and other investors in acquisitions, turnarounds and investments in financially troubled companies. We also advise insolvent companies in relation to corporate and business restructurings.

We represent bankruptcy trustees, court commissioners and extraordinary administrators appointed in insolvency proceedings.  We provide advice in the various stages, including the implementation of the restructuring or liquidation plan, the possible subsequent sale, the assessment of debts, the defence in the case of litigation.

News and Events
May 24, 2024

"Gianni & Origoni was a multi-winner at the 2024 Legalcommunity Forty under 40 Awards"
The firm won the "Team of the year Insolvency & Restructuring" award while Martina Di Giovanni won "Professional of the Year, Insurance" and Cristina Pistocchi, "M&A Professional of the Year"
November 28, 2022

"Crisis code: living in the present, looking at the past and thinking about the future"
GOP TURIN - Together with AIGI we are organizing a meeting to understand the dynamics of dealing with suppliers and customers in a state of crisis in light of the new rules of the Crisis Code
November 22, 2022

"The new Italian statutory framework for insolvency/crisis situations: key features"
Legal Update - Insolvency and Reorganisations
April 29, 2022

"Negotiated settlement and protective measures: the different and divergent jurisprudential opinions"
Diritto Bancario - Edited by Luca Jeantet, Paola Vallino and Federico Roberi
October 26, 2020

"Disposizioni integrative e correttive al Codice della crisi d’impresa e dell’insolvenza"
Legal Update - Insolvency and reorganisations