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Capital Increases

Gianni & Origoni

One of our core areas includes regularly overseeing issuing companies, partners, vendors, and underwriters in public offerings of primary and secondary financial instruments, offers of optional and listing operations in the Italian markets.

Professional assistance covers all activities relating to the issue, offer and placement of securities by companies already listed in regulated markets in Italy or in proceedings for admission to be listed (including due diligence, preparation of contract documents, corporate information relating to capital transactions and dealings with relevant authorities).

We also offer advice and assistance to companies issuing securities admitted to trading in regulated markets in Italy in cases of suspension or revocation of the listing.

News and Events
December 13, 2023

"Gianni & Origoni strengthens its Financial Markets practice"
Claudia Colomba, an expert in financial regulatory law, will further enhance GOP capabilities in capital markets
September 19, 2023

"Tech sector and capital markets"
GOP ROME - Together with Equita and Assonext we are organizing an event to explore how tech sector and capital market can contribute to the development of our country
Media Affairs
October 18, 2021

"Italian excellence in Singapore"
Milano Finanza - GOP participates in the 12th edition of the ICCS Business Award dedicated to Italian excellence. Among those present at the evening our senior associate Smeralda Mazzei
Milano Finanza
May 21, 2021

"The growth of Italian private markets: an overview on permanent vehicles, club deals and SPACs"
Fabio Ilacqua and Raffaele Sansone are the authors of the chapter “The growth of Italian private markets: an overview on permanent vehicles, club deals and SPACs” published by Beaumont Capital Markets in the context of their International Equity Capital Markets Review 2021/22
April 15, 2024

"Beneficial owners register is operational (again): TAR rejects appeals"
Legal Update - Financial Markets
April 03, 2024

"Regulatory news on self-managed and externally managed SICAVs and SICAFs "
Legal Update
March 22, 2024

"AIFMD 2: le novità nella disciplina di FIA e OICVM"
Financial Markets