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Home Practice Areas Wealth and Trust Governance and Next Generation Transfer

Governance and Next Generation Transfer

Gianni & Origoni

Our Wealth & Trust Department helps clients in the evaluation of assets and in developing plans for how to cost effectively hold and manage them, in devising the most appropriate family governance procedures, and in safeguarding a family’s control of assets over time.

With regard to assets consisting of shareholdings or participation in unincorporated vehicles, the Department provides high quality advice on any kind of extraordinary restructuring transactions: the amalgamation or hiving off of entities via mergers or demergers, the setting up of holding companies and/or trusts, and the separation of core from non-core business assets (e.g. real estate from business operations) through spin-offs and other transactions.

Where next generation transfer is governed by Italian law, the Department is able to develop legal arrangements that ensure the appropriate shares and interests are vested in the desired family members, subject to the desired controls and powers.  Such arrangements are structured to achieve the preferred distribution of assets in spite of the traditional rigidity of Italian succession law, whilst at the same time ensuring full compliance with it.

News and Events
February 09, 2024

"Gianni & Origoni wins at the 2024 Legalcommunity Finance Awards"
Partner Emanuele Grippo receives the award for Lawyer Of The Year Private Clients/Family Office
February 09, 2023

"Gianni & Origoni wins at the 2023 Legalcommunity Finance Awards"
Emanuele Grippo was awarded ?Lawyer of the Year Wealth & Managment?
Media Affairs
February 05, 2022

"Trust made in Switzerland"
Milano Finanza - Our Counsel Valentina Ottani Sconza, expert in Private Wealth, comments on the new regulations on wealth and trust "made in Switzerland": a revolution that will also affect Italy
Milano Finanza
December 04, 2023

"E.U. Successions Rules Applicable to Resident Aliens"
Legal Update - Wealth and Trust
November 16, 2023

"Italian Ultimate Beneficial Owners Register (“UBOR”): Trusts and similar entities"
Legal Update - Wealth and Trust
August 29, 2022

"La Family Constitution: un'analisi ontologica-funzionale"
Legal Update - Wealth and Trust